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Fran Donaldson

Erica Givens

Peggy Henschel

Lynda Maguire

​Thomas Marr IV

Dinah Seisman

Kelly O'Donnell Ware


Kelly is a metastatic melanoma survivor. During treatment, Kelly reached a low point where she didn’t have much hope left. She was physically and emotionally drained. Finally she decided to talk to the hospital’s psycho-social oncology therapist, and her hope was revived.

This is when the idea of Kelly’s Dream was born. Kelly was determined to live and do something with this experience. To this day, Kelly says that her therapist saved her life.

Kelly’s reinstated hope is why she is dedicated to helping the human side of cancer, the side of worry, struggle, and financial strain. She believes that her hope is the reason she is here today. Cancer is a physical disease, but like anything, it is hard to fight when you are emotionally unstable. Kelly’s Dream is here to ease the pain.