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Lauren Wasgatt joined Kelly's Dream in August 2015 as an intern from Stevenson University. In December 2015 she graduated from Stevenson University and received a degree in Human Services with a concentration in addiction, as well as a minor in psychology. With a background in graphic design, Lauren was able to tremendously help Kelly's Dream with creating promotional materials during her internship. 

Through volunteering with Kelly's Dream, Lauren is able to fulfill her passion of helping those struggling with cancer. Cancer has taken many loved ones from her, so she has seen first hand the pain that it causes. Since she cannot take the physical pain of cancer away, she is determined to help ease the mental and emotional side of the disease. Lauren is the newest and youngest member of the board, but she has just as much passion behind her actions and dedication to Kelly's Dream as the other members. 

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Steve Ware

Employed for Shade Construction since 1987, Steve also enjoys going to Ravens and Orioles games, as well as getting together with friends and family for any occasion.  He understands  the gift of life after going through the pain of watching his wife battle cancer.  In July of 2008, he dealt with what was the most devastating of news when Kelly was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.  He was at a loss, but to see how hard she fought, it was so inspirational that he knew that she had a plan.

 Today, he is so grateful that Kelly is living with No Evidence of Disease in large part from the positive support from friends and family.  She is such an inspiration and positive soul, that it exudes from her in everyday life.  He is so proud of what she has accomplished, but he knows that it’s just the start of something great! He is very excited to see what the future holds for Kelly’s Dream. He knows she has the special support from the  volunteers, friends and family.

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Cate Leckrone

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Steve Leckrone was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Calvert Hall College High School prior to heading to Arlington, Virginia where he received a B.B.A. in Accounting from Marymount University.  Steve is a Certified Public Accountant and is a manager at CohnReznick’s Baltimore office. Steve and his wife, Cate, live in Towson with their dog, Oreo. In his free time, Steve enjoys playing golf, hiking in Loch Raven Reservoir, paddle boarding at the Jersey Shore, and live music.

Growing up, Steve spent the majority of his free time in the sun: playing lacrosse, surfing, snowboarding, working at the family garden center, and mowing lawns. He did not realize the importance of protecting his skin from the sun until melanoma became a part of his life on April 30th, 2013. At age 30, it was his first ever visit to a dermatologist. He made an appointment to have a mole located on his right forearm examined.  After inspecting the mole, the doctor’s first words were, “This is cancer: malignant melanoma.”  A few days later, the results were confirmed, and the uncertainties kicked into high gear. Thankfully, 4 months and 8 procedures later, the doctors were able to confirm that the cancer hand not spread to his lymph nodes and that Steve was cancer free.

For better or worse, Steve’s life changed that April morning. Everything was put into perspective, and his priorities quickly changed.  During his treatment Steve was introduced to Kelly of Kelly’s Dream through a mutual friend.  Conversations with Kelly and others who had battled Melanoma were invaluable to Steve during those months of uncertainty during his treatment. 

Steve is inspired by and shares in the mission of Kelly’s Dream. His main goal is to spread knowledge by telling his story to others and to inspire young adults and children to protect their skin. Helping others understand the dangers of unprotected sun exposure and the importance of regular skin checkups can prevent them from having to deal with this deadly disease. 

Cate is a Certified Public Accountant with over 5 years of experience in public accounting. She currently works at an accounting firm providing remote bookkeeping services to several organizations, including not-for-profits. Cate received a BBA in Accounting from the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola University Maryland and graduated Summa Cum Laude in May 2009. She obtained her MBA with a finance concentration from the Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola University Maryland in September 2014.

Cate is extremely passionate about the mission of Kelly’s Dream. Through her husband’s battle with melanoma (see above), she learned the importance of educating people about the disease and teaching them how to prevent it through sun safety and regular skin checkups.


Kelly O'Donnell Ware


Leigh Anne has been a rail traffic controller for CSX Transportation for almost nine years.  She has over twenty-nine years in operations management previously working for Delta Airlines and the United States Navy.  Leigh Anne is originally from Atlanta, GA currently residing in Baltimore, MD. She is a late stage metastatic melanoma survivor.  Her melanoma began as mole on her left ankle.  Seventeen years later it metastasized as a tumor in her left abdomen, nearby lymph nodes and a possible spot on her kidney.  She was treated with biochemotherapy at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.  The tumor and lymph nodes were surgically removed in August 2005 resulting in no evidence of disease.  She has made it her mission through Kelly’s Dream to share her story from the heart.  It is extremely important for her to be able to educate and raise awareness about melanoma and sun safety.  She is honored to contribute her time to this incredible organization.  Leigh Anne has been a tremendous asset to Kelly's Dream Check & Protect Program.

Kelly is a metastatic melanoma survivor. During treatment, Kelly reached a low point where she didn’t have much hope left. She was physically and emotionally drained. Finally she decided to talk to the hospital’s psycho-social oncology therapist, and her hope was revived.

This is when the idea of Kelly’s Dream was born. Kelly was determined to live and do something with this experience. To this day, Kelly says that her therapist saved her life.

Kelly’s reinstated hope is why she is dedicated to helping the human side of cancer, the side of worry, struggle, and financial strain. She believes that her hope is the reason she is here today. Cancer is a physical disease, but like anything, it is hard to fight when you are emotionally unstable. Kelly’s Dream is here to ease the pain.