2019 is the TEN YEAR anniversary of Kelly's Dream and Kelly O'Donnell Ware's CANCERVERSARY! Consider donating toward our $10 Monthly Challenge

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$10 Monthly Challenge

Kelly’s Dream Celebrates 10 Years of Strength, Hope, and Courage

2019 is a BIG year for Kelly’s Dream – it marks the 10th anniversary of sharing Strength, Hope, and Courage and is the “cancerversary” for our founder Kelly O’Donnell Ware, a late stage melanoma survivor.   

Kelly’s journey to good health was not an easy one, but on March 23, 2009, Kelly was declared NED (No Evidence of Disease).  The 10-year survival rate for stage 3C melanoma is just 24% with a recurrence rate of 72%, but if caught early, the survival rate increases considerably.  Kelly defied the odds and turned her life’s mission into advocating for prevention and early detection, and offered hope to others facing a cancer diagnosis.

To celebrate these 2 milestones, Kelly’s Dream invites YOU to join our Dream Team and commit to a $10 monthly challenge. Dream Team members will represent our closest friends and supporters and help Kelly continue her legacy.  Funds raised by the Dream Team will go to work right here in our community, providing financial support for cancer patients and their families and helping to advocate about skin cancer prevention and early detection. Dream Team members will also be recognized on our website and will be invited to a Donor Appreciation Event later this year!  Our goal is to find 100 supporters to take the challenge!

Source: https://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/melanoma