Kelly's Dream Specific Assistance Events

Kelly’s Dream offers its expertise by hosting an event along with the family and friends of the patient to assist in raising money. These third party partnerships are a wonderful way to be involved within the community and to help your loved one through his/her difficult time. If you are interested in partnering with Kelly's Dream for an event, please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page or call Kelly at (410) 256-7017.


Why Partner With Us?

  • Kelly's Dream provides use of the EIN#/501(c)3 status to be used within the foundation's mission
  • We have experience with fundraising and know how to best utilize time, space, money, etc.
  • ​We have raised over $65,000 for patients/families in need through the specific assistance fundraisers
  • Tickets for events and/or donations for specific individuals can be made online via our website
  • We are hands-on for the event
  • Kelly's Dream manages the event and handles all the finances
  • ​We advertise for your event on our website and Facebook page!
  • We provide family, friends, and the patient with HOPE!
  • You help support an up-and-coming non-profit, as well as make it possible for us to pursue our mission and continue to help struggling cancer patients in the community

How Does it Work?


ALL monetary donations will go directly to Kelly's Dream. ALL checks will be paid to the order of Kelly's Dream. In the event that any checks collected are not paid to the order of Kelly's Dream, those funds will be factored into the final number. There is a 5% fee for all monies collected via credit card and online. After all expenses have been paid out, the donations will be distributed as follows:

80% Specific Assistance (the patient the event is for)

20%  Kelly's Dream to assist other financially strained cancer patients in the community



Kelly's Dream acts as a consultant and manages your event from start to finish.  All finances on event day is handled by Kelly's Dream.  Each event comes with different responsibilities for all parties. Typically Kelly's Dream will make all signage and flyers for the event, as well as provide supplies on the day of the event. The foundation helps with set-up and clean-up of events as well. Specific details on responsibilities will be drafted to cater to each event. 

What We Ask of You

  • To work with us in order to make the event as successful and easy-flowing as possible
  • Have an open mind to our suggestions, as we will to yours
  • Honor and respect the integrity of the mission of Kelly's Dream
  • Continue to offer the patient and his/her family all the love, encouragement, and support he/she needs through his/her journey
  • Have fun! 

​​Interested in Hosting an Event?

If you know someone who is struggling financially due to cancer and would like to partner with Kelly's Dream to host an event or have any questions about our events, please fill out this short form below or contact Kelly by phone at (410) 256-7017. 

Do you know someone struggling due to Cancer expenses?

  • #ShaneStrong
  • ​Hope for Hall
    • 510 Johnnys
    • Moore's Orchard
    • Zumba
  • Haller Bull Roast
  • ​Justin's Walk

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Our Past Specific 
Assistance Events!

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