Raise Awareness 
No one ever thinks that it will happen to them, but Kelly’s Dream is here to show the reality of
melanoma. Metastatic melanoma is very real, but there are preventative measures that can be taken. This lack of melanoma education and awareness is what started the Check and Protect Program. Through this program we teach about sun safety to schools, organizations, businesses, etc. Survivors are brought in to share their
personal stories, further expressing the reality of the dangers of the sun and tanning beds.

If you are interested in having us come to your school, organization, or business to share our Check and Protect Program, please contact us at kelly@kellysdream.net

Kelly's Dream Wish-list
Our Mission
Kelly’s Dream is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation that focuses on easing the financial and emotional strain of cancer, raising melanoma awareness, and spreading the gift of hope.

​Shane and Kelly at the #Shanestrong fundraiser

Pat stays positive despite his battle. He keeps up his hope at a Hope for Hall fundraising event!

Our Vision
When created in 2009, Kelly's Dream concentrated exclusively on melanoma research and awareness.  Through time, the foundation has grown significantly, and its focus has evolved to include helping ease the financial struggle of all types of cancer patients; an often forgotten area of much needed attention.

  • Grocery Store Gift Cards 
  • Gas Gift Cards 
  • ​Walmart Gift Cards
  • Standard Computer Paper
  • Forever Stamps
*Our wish-list consists of items that we currently need. While most items are for patients, items in green are for the foundation. By helping us with our overhead costs, you allow us to spend more of our money on patients' needs. 

Gavin speaking to students about memories of his father Ryan

Bring Hope
Through our events, programs, and means of support, we are able to bring hope into people’s lives. While battling cancer, or watching a loved one battle, one’s hope can be lost or faded along the way. Bringing hope into people’s lives is important because it provides them with a reason to keep fighting. Hope can save lives, and it can change lives. This is the platform that Kelly’s Dream was built upon.
​Together we can offer hope.

Kelly O'Donnell Ware

Don't forget to check out Kelly's personal blog where she shares her thoughts and experiences. ​​


Provide Support
Individuals battling cancer face many difficulties. Their vigorous treatments and surgeries can leave them weak, tired and hopeless. We choose to focus on the ‘human’ side of cancer. Dealing with this disease is emotionally draining not only for the patient, but also for the family. The uncertainty of the whole process can cause stress, but on top of that, cancer treatment can cause extreme financial burden.

​Here at Kelly’s Dream we recognize and empathize with those going through this struggle. We host fundraisers and raise money in order to provide direct financial support for those in need. We are determined to help support the emotional and financial burden placed on those dealing with the already difficult struggle of cancer.

About Us

Kelly is a metastatic melanoma survivor. During treatment, Kelly reached a low point where she didn’t have much hope left. She was physically and emotionally drained. Finally she decided to talk to the hospital’s psycho-social oncology therapist, and her hope was revived.

This is when the idea of Kelly’s Dream was born. Kelly was determined to live and do something with this experience. To this day, Kelly says that her therapist saved her life.

Kelly’s reinstated hope is why she is dedicated to helping the human side of cancer, the side of worry, struggle, and financial strain. She believes that her hope is the reason she is here today. Cancer is a physical disease, but like anything, it is hard to fight when you are emotionally unstable. Kelly’s Dream is here to ease the pain.

What We Do