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Notes of Hope and Inspiration

Inspiring personal stories from families affected by cancer.

Mary Madsen

Kelly's Dream has provided invaluable support to our family over the past five months. When a family member was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma this past summer, Kelly's Dream stepped up at once, with Kelly herself meeting us at the hospital, staying with the patient hour after hour, and offering all the help her organization provides.  Kelly's Dream brought toys and gift baskets to the three children of the patient, as well as bringing them special gifts on their birthdays.  As time went on, any call to Kelly's Dream produced almost instantaneous results, as with a baby monitor with camera so that the family could feel more secure when it was necessary to leave the patient's room. Our family came to rely on Kelly's Dream, especially for help with the children.  Kelly's Dream brought food to their apartment and even took them out to dinner at another time.

The care and support offered to our family have been wonderful.  A simple phone call or text brought all kinds of help to us, and we will be forever grateful.  Kelly's Dream is a very worthwhile organization that meets and even exceeds its aims and goals of helping the families of cancer patients.


I was so surprised today when I was presented with an infusion care package by Fran on behalf of Kelly’s Dream... It never ceases to amaze me as to how kind people can be when you’re in one of the toughest situations of your life... I hope that I can pass on the kindness that you have shown me... Thank you Kelly’s Dream...